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SVF Music releases new Holi song, Trina Saha celebrates colours of life

Kolkata: You have seen her as Gungun in the popular Bengali TV serial Khorkuto but this Holi, Trina Saha is winning hearts on the Internet with her solo music video, Phagun Haway Haway.

A day prior to the festival of colours, SVF Music has released the new music video, with Shovon Ganguly re-arranging the Rabindra sangeet, Phagun Haway Haway. The young, talented Ishan Mitra has sung the track.

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In the music video, you will see Trina Saha spending her Holi in an old-age home, where people don’t have the scope to find much happiness during the festival. She wants to paint the lives of the elderly with colours. Her loving and caring presence becomes a source of warmth, and delight for the aging souls.

Expectedly, Shovon is excited to be part of this project. “As it is a Holi release, the idea was to maintain the joyous mood among the listeners.” Talking about the whole new rendition, he says, “It really gives a different kind of confidence which is really new for me. The whole piece is crafted with love and hope the audience will appreciate it.”

Ishan is all praise for Shovan and how he has re-arranged the iconic song. “It has been a gratifying opportunity for me to be able to lend my voice for this beautiful composition. I have sung Rabindra sangeet before but the aura of this particular song is unmatchable. I hope that the viewers will love it as much as we have loved creating it.”

For Trina Saha, this is a special feeling given it’s her first solo music video. Her earlier music video, Chaina, was with her husband-actor Neel. “Honestly, the theme of the video mesmerized me. Spending any festival with your loved ones is always a bonus but when you celebrate with the people who really needs it, it gives you a sense of comfort and peace,” says Trina, who will be making her big screen debut with Arindam Sil’s Iskaboner Bibi soon.

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