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Take a fragrant ride with Floral Art this festive season

Floral Art founded by mother daughter duo Kavita and Srishti Kapur, is a brand synonymous with floral requirements when it comes to making celebrations awe-inspiring and luxurious. When you think of weddings in India, the first picture emerges is of decedent bridal attires, cascading layers of jewellery and the sheer grandeur. But there is more to the sartorial story; every element of a wedding is woven together with careful consideration. Floral Art creates bespoke, fragile, intricate and handcrafted pieces of floral ornamentation for brides, grooms and even their families. In October 2020, the brand launched their latest collection.

Being the frontrunners in the wedding industry Floral Art took a new and interesting approach and executed a lockdown photo-shoot at Srishti Kapur’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai. With most of the world affected by the coronavirus pandemic – new rules and regulations put in place when it comes to weddings and large gatherings – have put a lot of things into perspective for the wedding industry and have been a driving force for this new collection by Floral Art. Therefore ‘The Festive Edit by Floral Art’ encompasses all the floral essentials for the new age weddings. 

The mom daughter duo behind Floral Art – Kavita and Srishti Kapur

With the lockdown imposed for the most part of 2020, for the first time in many years Srishti and Kavita Kapur took a pause to admire the dynamic city they lived in. One of the advantages of spending summer in Mumbai was rediscovering the cosmopolitan nature it exudes. It depicts how seamlessly different people with different personalities come together to create harmony. Through the perspective of Ikebana for their new collection, Floral Art wishes to highlight the importance of small and simple elements of our everyday: architecture on the streets, colours of our festivals, shopping in the local markets, chatters from morning birds or walking down that street you love so much. Each small action and element constructs a simple but wonderful life, full of special moments in which we enjoy our everyday that offer us comfort and make us feel good.

Floral ornaments

The renowned photographer, Aditya Mahagaonkar, captured these details with his sensitivity and his natural and spontaneous style. This collection launched by Floral Art project features the various faces of Mumbai, taking us on a virtual tour around the authentic aspects of a quintessential बंबई wedding through a series of intimate editorial portrayals.

Floral decorations uplift the beauty of the decor

The collection is characterised by four key sub-collections Tropical Tropulence, Bohemian Desert Chic, Shalimar Bagh and Pichwai meets Tie and Dye giving a bride a wide variety of designs and styles to indulge in. Each of the collections have a contemporary yet traditional ambience characterised by tropical foliage, exotic flowers, shades of terracotta, rich indigenous flowers and other non floral elements. The collection is available in a large spectrum of tints and tones from bright sunsets to lush greens, muted browns with a mom of oranges and yellows and the subtle hints of soft pinks and mint greens. Floral Art aimed handcrafting two distinct styles for the traditional and modern brides who can find their pick for the main or smaller wedding functions.

“Season after season we strive to craft exclusive one of a kind pieces for our brides, grooms and their families. We believe in incorporating and following the entire design process from looking at inspiration, developing initial designs and then to the final pieces that you see. We spend 365 days in creating and executing the highest level of art in the form of Ikebana. Over the last 18 years we have followed this strict design process to maintain authenticity and creativity and most importantly to maintain our position as pioneers in the floral industry,” says Srishti Kapur, founder of Floral Art.

Nowadays floral jewelry are the most latest trends and every bride’s dream

Wedding staples created with an air of sophistication and finesse is what the brides in the post pandemic can find at Floral Art by Srishti Kapur. This one stop shop takes care of every bride’s floral needs whether it’s for her bridal jewelry, bridesmaids’ gifts, trousseau packing, home decor, Mehendi and home decor. With the launch of the website, Floral Art’s new collection can be ordered and customised digitally and then shipped globally.

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