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Tata Chemicals among Top 10 Safe Workplaces for Women in India

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A nationwide survey on Safe Places to Work by Rainmaker evaluated organizations on degree of safety & inclusiveness provided to women employees

Tata Chemicals Ltd is among the top 10 safe workplaces for women, according to a nationwide survey on Safe Places to Work conducted by Rainmaker, online learning and content company focused on creating ethical and compliant workplaces. The results of the survey, which covered organizations across India, were evaluated by a panel based on the degree of safety and inclusiveness provided to employees, especially women.


Tata Chemicals Ltd is among the top 10 safe workplaces for women


Tata Chemicals has as its priority its employees’ well-being, ethical conduct at work, work-life balance, supportive maternity leave, flexible work hours, diversity and equality. The company has employee-friendly policies and benefits that are reviewed frequently to ensure they remain contemporary to meet the aspirations of the changing workforce, as well as aligned to the organization’s core values.



‘Motivation to do more’

‘We’re delighted that our efforts at creating a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees have yielded great results and are recognized by Rainmaker. Being featured among the top brands across India is recognition of our consistent efforts to create, nurture and sustain a work-life balance for our employees. We’re committed to a vision to create an inclusive workplace across all our locations with an enabling work environment that respects women’s right to equality of status and opportunity. We believe that a safe workplace isn’t just a woman’s legal right, but an integral part of her right to equality and dignity. This recognition motivates us to continue to do more in this area’

— R Nanda, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Chemicals

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