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Thailand’s Changing Trends To Focus On Asian Tourists  

Sustainable development in the long run is an important focus for Thailand. This is due to the changing trends of more Asian tourists visiting Thailand compared to travellers from Europe.


A thorough research called ‘Market-Focus Strategy Study Analysis’ was done by the by a group of like-minded Project Developers and Investment Funds from Thailand and overseas, to bring into limelight, the changing trend of tourism in Thailand.



Shift in Paradigm for tourists:

Chairman of South Siam, Mr. Matthew Beresford who is one of the major developers of villa housing, in the Gulf of Thailand says that the group is switching its target emphasis from Europeans to Asian tourists in the area. This is because, due to political changes in Europe due to the existing Brexit problems.


The analysis shows how the category of tourists is gradually changing.


In the last 20 years, Thailand is now becoming a second home to many Asian people than the traditional European crowd. Therefore, it is the apt time to start planning their business and target more Asian people.

About Thailand:

Known for its beautiful beaches, magnificent tourism, opulent temples and palaces, Thailand in South-East Asia has much to offer to their tourists. The location, food, the mesmerizing beaches and breathtaking views and places are the reasons why Thailand has become one of the most sought-after places for tourists, especially for those from Asia and Europe. However, lately the change in the pattern of tourism records a higher number of Asian compared to European tourists.


The Koh Samui beach, Thailand


Business in Thailand:

Mr. Matthew Beresford originally hails from the United Kingdom and has extensive experience with some of the most exotic and popular places such as  Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.


The beautiful Koh Phangan beach, Thailand.


He believes both foreign and domestic investors who are keen on investing in Thailand often check all availabilities before investing. Fortunately, Thailand has locational and cultural advantages which lure investors to these exotic locations.


Thailand is full of exotic Villas and Resorts.


More On Mathew Beresford:

Mr.Beresford is also adviser to several Asian Government Tourism Authorities and is a hands-on developer. On most occasions, he personally checks every potential site and meets relevant parties in person to facilitate coordination.



He also believes it is important to facilitate good relations with the Government and private companies. This can be done by setting up schools and colleges while also creating more scope for funding and resources and increasing employment opportunities. These initiatives will help the local people in various ways.



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