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That gentle holiday breeziness is sheer TONIC!

Jeet Gannguli had first composed for Dev in 2007. It was for Dev’s second film. The title track — ‘I love You’ — still rules the chartbusters. Fourteen years later, their bond has only grown stronger. They don’t meet every day (with Jeet living in Mumbai) but Dev knows he can always count on the composer. So, when superstar Dev heard the narration of director Avijit Sen’s debut film ‘Tonic’, he knew he could depend on the able shoulders of Jeet Gannguli for music.

The music director has weaved his trademark magic in the new album of ‘Tonic’ with the title track, ‘O Tonic’ already becoming a rage on social media. When the team of ‘Tonic’ had gathered for the music launch at South City Mall in Kolkata, it wasn’t surprising that the audience sang along with the cast. 

‘O Tonic’ has been written and sung by Anindya Chatterjee. With simple lyrics, the song is like a breath of fresh air and creates the maximum impact. Jeet and Dev have teamed up with Nachiketa for ‘E Mon Eka’. The trio had created magic with the song ‘Janina’ in 2009’s film ‘Challenge’. Penned by Srijato, ‘E Mon Eka’ also has a version with the mellifluous Shreya Ghoshal. ‘Aayanate’, written by Prasen and sung by Anupam Roy will also leave quite an impression. Raja Narayan Deb has composed the background score.

A family drama, ‘Tonic’ is all about celebrating life. Actor Paran Bandopadhyay (as 75-year-old Jaladhar Sen) had the desire to celebrate his upcoming marriage anniversary in a grand fashion. However, his son, who celebrated his own anniversary quite ostentatiously, decides to host a small rooftop get-together for his parents. When Jaladhar is about to lose hope, enters travel agent Tonic (Dev) who takes the elderly couple on an adventurous trip. The film highlights the feeling of enjoying life and feeling free. All the songs are delicate with a touch of warmth.

Paran Bandopadhyay with Dev in ‘Tonic’

Dev was elated to see the crowd cheering for team ‘Tonic’. “It’s great to see that we are gradually adjusting ourselves to the new normal and reliving our old days of fun again. With ‘Tonic’, the Bengali film industry will get a new director in Avijit Sen. In ‘Kismish’, we have worked with new filmmaker and music composer. It’s always a nice feeling to work with brilliant new minds,” said the politician-actor, who has also co-produced ‘Tonic’.  

Jeet became nostalgic when asked about working with Dev. “Since ‘I Love You’ to ‘Tonic’, it’s always a great feeling to work with Dev. He has transformed himself immensely over the years. The flavour of ‘Tonic’ is different and I am glad such talented singers came on board. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw the fantastic chemistry between Paran Bandopadhyay and Dev,” said the hit music composer. 

‘Tonic’ will hit theatres on December 24 and stars Shakuntala Barua, Koneenica Banerjee, Tnushree Chakraborty and Sujan Mukherjee.

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