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The day she wore my dress to the party!

Jealousy and girls are almost synonymous. It would be a rare instance to come across a girl who has not been the victor or the vanquished in the subject matter! Hair torn, hearts broken, stories written, films made — most of which are simply imaginary — so why not a comedy skit, too?

Going by this crazy comedy skit, Dress Apna Apna, it seems I’m one of those lucky few who have never experienced nightmares about my best friend — or any other friend, for that matter! — trying to steal my ideas, and, least of all, my party dress! But why miss an opportunity to enjoy a laugh?



Girliyapa’s latest comedy sketch delves into this hilarious situation in Dress Apna Apna, resulting in a hilarious conversation and some ‘I Feel You’, or ‘Ye toh mere saath bhi hua tha’ moments. Featuring Ahsaas Channa and Khushbu Baid as Karishma and Raveena, the sketch features their characters bantering after they discover they’ve donned the same outfit for a party. Needless to say, hilarious scenes ensue.

The sketch brings forth an amusing conversation that takes place between two characters, Karishma and Raveena, who encounter each other at a school reunion, and discover that they share more than just the same school. What follows is a side-splitting conversation most girls must have gone through, or imagined at least once. Both Karishma and Raveena make their case to prove that ‘I wore it best’, leading to an intense debate over who makes more jaws hit the floor and who deserves to rock that dress.



In a nutshell, the girls, using their sharp skills and sharper tongues, leave no stone unturned to sway the other to change her mind and eventually the dress. An interesting twist towards the end of the sketch turns the situation.

Catch this hilarious sketch today to know how it ends and learn some tips and tricks from the pros, Karishma and Raveena, just in case you get into a situation like this!

Conceptualised for brand Venus, the witty skit is written by Swasti Jain and Khusbu Baid and directed by Aakanksha Dua.


Watch it here:

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