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The Krishnamurti Foundation curates teachers’ workshop on issues and concerns of educators

Over the past few decades, the education world has undergone a sea change. The whole idea of teacher-led classroom education has witnessed a major transformation. The demands of the present professional world are tricky and, thus, schools have many roles to play. So, Krishnamurti Foundation-India, recently conducted a two-day workshop in Kolkata to enable educators to explore serious issues highlighted by J Krishnamurti, renowned teacher.



The workshop was conducted by Alok Mathur, trustee, Krishnamurti Foundation-India, and former Director, Teacher Education, Rishi Valley Education Centre, and Chandrika Mathur, former Joint Director, Teacher Education, Rishi Valley Institute. The two-day workshop had 40 participants, where educators from both private and government schools — including rural schools and schools for special children — attended.

The workshop, itself, was an eye-opener for the teachers. Most of them acknowledged the changing role of teachers in the present scenario. One of them pointed out why empathy could play a pivotal role while dealing with students. Some teachers stressed the need to abolish hierarchy in the system. Gender sensitisation was another matter that was discussed in detail. And the open-ended discussion remained a true testimony to the title of the workshop, ‘Educating the Educator’.



Alok Mathur was visibly happy with the active participation of teachers, educators and administrators at the workshop. He remarked, “It could well be the start of something quite significant and that’s the inspiration for the event. It was a great experience to listen to the teachers — the pillars of society — and how they stressed catering to holistic growth of young people through school education. After all, role playing is an important aspect in modern education and teachers are leaders of the generation, showing the path to the younger lot.”



Chandrika Mathur said, “Some of the points the educators raised were very contemporary and, we believe, in the coming days, education in India will reach a new level altogether, helping the nation reach newer heights amid accolades and newer achievements.”

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