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This young chef’s Cloud Kitchen ensures zero wastage

The pandemic blues have already affected almost all sectors of businesses across the world. As fear of infection keeps foodies away from binging, the food industry remains particularly hit. Business being down, restaurant owners are struggling hard to stay afloat. However, as a timely response to this quandary, cloud kitchen has started operations to bring in restaurant food at the doorsteps.

Delightful story of a Kolkata cloud kitchen

22 year old Chef Tanuj Sahay completed his culinary arts training from Manipal University before venturing to Dubai to master his skills further. It was nearly eight of his stay in Dubai, when COVID19 pandemic hit the world forcing him to return home to Kolkata. Once home, Sahay started making good use of his cooking skills in no time. Sensing the opportunity in the ongoing adversity, he started his own cloud kitchen ‘Pronto’ to supply homemade gourmet food at a budget-friendly rate for people to enjoy at the comfort of their homes.

22 year old Chef Tanuj Sahay’s love for cooking has made him open his own Cloud Kitchen at home

The idea behind the concept

The cloud kitchen concept is still not very popular in the city but young foodies and chefs alike are keen to explore the concept. As the pandemic leaves people skeptical about going outside, the idea of cloud kitchen is, in all likelihood, going to gain popularity.

High quality gourmet food is now available at home

“This seems to be the perfect timing for cloud kitchens to rule the food industry. Luckily, I had the full support of my family who have not only motivated me but helped in the kitchen and also with the packaging of the food.

Packaging of every dish is done with utmost care and comfort maintaining all the safety procedures

This is how the Cloud Kitchen functions

My friend Nargis created the content of our social media pages and looked after their promotion. The news of my venture spread well and orders have started coming in good numbers now”, informs Tanuj.

Nargis Khan, who takes care of the content management of the Pronto official page

The uniqueness

Talking about the uniqueness of his initiative, he says, “Cloud kitchen concept is very new and emerging. During the pandemic, people cannot go for a fine dining experience; Pronto offers them the luxury of gourmet food which is not just homemade, but freshly prepared with zero wastage. We take orders one day prior and the bookings are done through the number provided on the site. Customers also message or call me to place orders.

Fresh food with zero wastage now available at Pronto

We prepare the food in the safest way possible and deliver them through Swiggy Genie. We also have a self pick up service where people can come and pick their orders”.

Fresh and high quality gourmet food can be availed by all from Pronto

The secret behind the success

Procuring regular food and kitchen ingredients continue to be a challenge in this pandemic. That said, preparing fine quality gourmet meals requires real niche items. Initially the young chef faced real challenges in procuring fresh and high quality food ingredients but now things have fallen into place for Tanuj who kept learning through the difficulties he faced and remained persistent in his pursuits for perfection.

Pronto offers a wide range of food which is safe and of fine dining quality
The Cloud Kitchen Pronto surely has a long way to go!

As a word of advice to the wannabe chefs foraying into the food industry, Tanuj says, “Have dedication and passion in whatever you do; work hard and never give up. Because hard work and passion teamed up with consistency and dedication will do wonders at the end of the day.”

The pandemic has changed our lifestyle and thought processes considerably. As the idea of new normal sets in, change-makers like Tanuj are instrumental in making it more enduring and sustainable.

Like Tanuj, let us all be the change we want to see! Pronto!!

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