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To keep your head above your shoulders, try Corporate Collars


Anirudh Agarwal (name changed), a corporate bigshot, has a company event coming up on Sunday. Today, on Friday, he is too busy to go shopping for clothes for the event. For many like him, in today’s busy world, quality of work is of the utmost importance, but one also has to pay attention to one’s appearance.


Corporate Collars


As the saying goes, “The first impression is the lasting impression.” And one big part of this is what kind of clothes you wear. Corporate Collars is just that ‘one-stop shop’ which goes all out to help you achieve that special look. Founded by 25-year-old Harssh Chheda in 2013, Corporate Collars is a shop that caters to all kinds of fabric and stitching needs for men and women. Customization of clothing according to the preferences, or moods of a client, and with an impeccable provision of fabrics is this brand’s USP.



Complete solution to styling needs

For the first time, the brand has brought in the innovative concept of ‘Corporate Collars-on-Wheels’ as a complete solution to styling needs, coupled with the convenience of getting tailoring services right at one’s doorstep. With the hustle and bustle of city life, corporate bigwigs no longer wait for weekends to shop for their corporate looks. They can simply have a makeover with the help of this van, which will come right to their homes, or even offices.



‘Magic Van’ at your doorstep

  • Ensuring that the brand reaches every nook and cranny of the city, start-up Corporate Collars is utilizing such areas as parking lots in commercial spaces for its mobile vans, targeting consumers who do not have the time even to go through online catalogues
  • This business-on-wheels ensures their customers’ convenience is in no way compromised
  • The compact, sleek and refurbished mobile van travels all over the city. It has been meticulously designed to enhance customers’ ease of purchase and boasts a wide variety of superior products
  • It offers a personalised stylist to assist you in choosing the right cut for your body type. They have even managed to squeeze in a trial room at no extra cost
  • The van will reach your locality on prior appointments which can be booked through the Corporate Collars Facebook page, or through:




About Harssh Chheda

  • Harssh Chheda founded Corporate Collars in 2013 based on the dictum, ‘Customer satisfaction is more than profit maximization’
  • Corporate Collars has now grown organically to three stores in Altamount Road, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai, and in Raipur
  • Harssh introduced the revolutionary concept of Corporate Collars on Wheels in January 2015
  • A Business graduate from Indiana University, Bloomington’s eminent Kelley School of Business, he has majored in Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Psychology
  • This 28-year old entrepreneur’s indulgence in high-quality fabrics from various parts of Europe and threads from Germany contributes to the exemplary wardrobe of formals that individuals of fine taste require
  • He believes that the goal is to have ‘immaculate customer service’, which enhances a customer’s shopping experience

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