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Top 10 content creators who bowled us over!

Anindita Acharya 

The year 2021 witnessed the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, which devastated many lives. And now the fear of Omicron has gripped the world. Once again, the schools, colleges are shut, cinemas, multiplexes and gyms closed and private offices function with half its capacity. With rising cases of Covid-19, most of us back to work-from-home mode.  

Having been stuck at home most of the year, we relied on different kinds of content in the form of videos, posts and reels by our favourite content creators and social media influencers to keep ourselves hooked. These influencers are the new stars of tomorrow who entertain their audience with their rather creative and relatable content. With Instagram and YouTube being the most popular platforms, influencers today are not only creating original videos but also giving their spin to viral trends to connect with their audiences better. Today, many content creators, even the ones that started over the lockdown period, have gained immense fame due to the constant demand for new content. From comedy to fashion, content creators are consistently ensuring their audience have something new to see with every post they upload. 

We have listed the top 10 content creators who have not only created a niche for themselves but who also have grown exponentially over the past year. 

Dolly Singh

From a digital content creator at iDiva, where the Nainital-born Dolly used to play the role of a South-Delhi girl in short, funny videos, to becoming the insanely popular ‘Raju Ki Mummy’, her journey has been interesting. Soon, she started her own YouTube channel, where she is fun to watch. Relatable, and all things quirky, Dolly today enjoys 1.4 million followers on Instagram. A regular face on Netflix videos, she played Swara Bhaskar’s friend in the Netflix series Bhaag Beanie Bhaag.

Saurabh Ghadge

Saurabh Ghadge’s “Orange Juice” gained immense popularity over the lockdown. Saurabh, a 21-year-old content creator from Mumbai has left everyone in splits due to his reels in middle-class households and daily shenanigans. Often seen creating short comedy sketches of a moustache-yielding dad or a dupatta clad mom, Saurabh plays all his characters perfectly by utilising his amazing ability to create hilarious and amusing exchanges between them. Loved for his content, Saurabh not only bagged a role in the recently launched ‘Clutch’- India’s first e-sports based web- series but has also been recognized as Instagram’s 25 emerging creators under the age of 25.

Sakshi Shivdasani

Sakshi Shivdasani began documenting her everyday life on her Instagram account which started to resonate with the audience. Before becoming a content creator, Sakshi (337k followers) was a model and had participated in India’s Next Top Model. Her unique way of narrating stories about her life has been gaining momentum amongst the youth. Her reels on dating experiences titled ‘The boy I am dating’ garnered millions of views which led to a huge boost in her follower count. Currently, Sakshi enjoys making mini vlogs of her day-to-day experiences and has also been recognized as Instagram’s 25 emerging creators under the age of 25.

Kusha Kapila 

From mimicking the South Delhi aunties and girls to becoming one of India’s top influencers working with the likes of Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, Delhi-born Kusha Kapila has had a fascinating journey as a content creator. Like her friend Dolly Singh, Kusha, too, was with iDiva as a fashion journalist. Her South Delhi girl parodies were instant hits and it was only time that she chartered her own course. Most of her content is inspired by real life and are filled with sarcasm. From body shaming to sleep, Kusha’s truth bombs are sure to leave you in splits. She enjoys 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

Viraj Ghelani 

Gaining fame through his presence in FilterCopy videos, Viraj Ghelani has become a household name with his witty short videos and reels. Often seen with his Nani, Viraj can be seen spinning relatable situations through his unique take on the subject. His version of the famous ‘Smelly Cat’ song from FRIENDS, garnered a whopping 1.2M views. Today, his followers anxiously wait for his next post, as he continues to showcase his everyday life in the most hilarious way leaving everyone in splits.

Diksha Rawat

Diksha Rawat’s Instagram feed features curated aesthetic fashion for all. She features her one-of-a-kind style that continues to evolve with time. With a bold and experimental fashion statement, Diksha does not shy away from stepping out of her comfort zone now and then. She keeps experimenting with her style and has become one of the top fashion content creators in India levelling up her game with every reel.

Ishita Mangal

The fashionable and sassy Ishita Mangal has been known for her outspoken content that shatters myths around Indian traditions. Her edgy fashion style is a major goal for the Indian youth along with her hilarious yet factually correct fashion and shopping tips. Ishita holds a Bachelor of Design (BDes) in fashion design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology which has allowed her to build her brand, QUO.

Komal Pandey

If there’s a fearless fashion influencer, then it’s Komal Pandey. Having started as a fashion blogger, today she is one of the top fashion influencers in the country with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Almost regularly, she is trolled but this talented beauty influencer doesn’t mind. She is focused on fashion with cool styling hacks. Watch her video on draping the favourite sari or how to wear a lehenga, you will surely like it.

Vishnu Kaushal

The Punjabi boy has been making videos since 2015 but then one of his videos clicked during the Covid-19 induced locked. The rant video —‘The most annoying questions people ask about quarantine’ — became viral and enjoyed 1.3 million views. And within a short span of time, his followers have grown exponentially to 585k. Thanks to his fun and relatable content, Vishnu has come to the 25 Under 25 Instagrammers of India’ list.

Srishti Dixit

If you have ever watched her content, you would say, “I know her yaar.” Yes, that’s exactly the kind of vibe Srishti exudes. Always making you laugh with her content and yet talking about present-day issues, Srishti is the girl next door you know. From gender, politics to films, expect Srishti, who enjoys 740k followers on Instagram, to give a hilarious twist to any subject.

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