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Top 5 emerging cybercrime trends in India

Cyber attack is a situation where an attacker enters into a user’s system in an unauthorized manner for theft, extortion or disruption. Today we are living in the digital era where digitization is rapidly changing our mode of working and living. This is because online payments, online education, online documentation and other online modes have become very prevalent. Just with a click, information can now reach millions – Whether it’s about personal details, OTPs or financial details. This is because random hackers are hiding anonymously behind the digital screens to rob laymen. Instances of leaking of personal information, loss of money or data are increasing day by day as more and more people are shifting to digital avenues giving cyber criminals an available ground to loot people online.

Under threat

What are the different types of Cybercrimes?

There are numerous ways by which hackers can squeeze out information. Here are the top 5 trends of cybercrimes –

·         Phishing: This is a specific type of data breach which involves loss of user data such as login credentials, sensitive information and other data. This usually happens when hackers secretly enter into a user’s email or other locations and send pops up messages or links to trick users to click on them and reveal personal data. This can also be used to deploy software on users’ devices such as ransomware which can cause data leak. The main goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information or to install malware on the victim’s machine.

At constant risk

·         Man in the middle: As the name suggests, man in the middle attack refers to a form of cyber eavesdropping where attackers deliberately insert themselves into a private conversation between two parties and intercept data through a trusted system. Man in the middle often happens through email hijacking, session hijacking, Wifi hijacking and such other methods.

·         Zero day exploit: This is a form of cyber attack where criminals get to know of a particular vulnerability of certain widely used software. The attackers then target the organizations or entities using that particular software in order to exploit the vulnerability.

·         Cryptojacking: The term cryptojacking suggests something close to cryptocurrencies. In this form of cybercrime, cyber attackers exploit a device, or software to mine cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. This is not a common form of attack. However, this should not be underestimated. If attackers are able to detect a software or device then they could exploit valuable network resources for this purpose keeping the organization in the dark.

Under constant watch

·         Password attack: As the name suggests, password attacks refer to hacking of passwords in different ways. Here the attacker tries to guess or crack sensitive information of users such as passwords using techniques like Brute-Force attack, Dictionary attack, Rainbow Table attack, Credential Stuffing, Password Spraying and the Keylogger attack, including phishing.

Cyber-attacks or cybercrime can happen in myriad ways through tons of different channels. The cyber attackers sitting behind the screens are well aware of vulnerabilities and know the soft targets which make cyber attacks easier. Under such circumstances it is important to stay vigilant while maneuvering through the digital world.

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