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Trashcon products series target tangible social impact

As disposal of waste is a day-to-day, trash handling for a populous country like India continues to be a serious challenge. Addressing this with some considerate success is Nivedha RM, a chemical engineer from Bengaluru. Nivedha began her initiative Trashcon four years ago to take a step forward and work on the root cause of the issue.

Nivedha RM, a chemical engineer from Bengaluru who started off with Trashcon

Talking about the enterprise, she briefed The Optimist on the journey and highlighted her keys to success.

Here is her story –

Technology and Trashcon go hand-in-hand. Numerous solutions for trash disposal came into existence in the market, but none worked out this efficiently. Trashcon segregates two types of waste – biodegradable and non-biodegradable and also recycles. The technology used in the process got a green hand from the Indian government as well as private enterprises.

TrashBot, Fresh Waste Segregator

“We have created a solution that addresses the waste issue end to end. There is no leakage of waste in the environment in our solution. Our technology is patented. In short, there are no direct competitors to our solutions in the market, which raises the demand for the product,” said the chemical engineer.

Trashcon converted an erstwhile garbage piled village into a clean village

“From our experiences, we saw that government, municipalities or corporate players are coming and asking for our technology by themselves to help in segregating the waste and recycling the waste,” adds Nivedha.

“Waste is all around us today, and it is plaguing the society. I came to know about a girl who was playing by a roadside garbage trash, which suddenly caught fire which took the life of the kid. This triggered the idea of finding a solution to this mess. I wanted a permanent solution too without damaging the environment. After toiling by dump sides for months and working day and night I reached the solution which I named Trashcon,” she informs.

Landfill Segregator, legacy waste segregator
The recycled products made completely out of waste plastics which have been recycled
A sustainable toilet we made out of our recycled plastics

Battling numerous challenges and roadblocks, Nivedha stood firmly to figure out the root problems of trash disposal by monitoring garbage dump areas for hours. Initially investors failed to trust her solution as products in this space have mostly failed in the long run. Nivedha is lucky to have the support of a band of engineers who did not think twice to leave behind their high profile jobs and be a part of her change-making social impact driven initiative.

The WoW recycling machine

Waste is a significant concern across the globe. Innovations like that of Trashcon will help achieve a long term solution to this social ill. In the coming years Trashcon plans to reach different parts of the world and help organisations with knowledge and technology sharing.  Nivedha and team are more than happy to create sustainable solutions to environmental issues like waste and contribute towards a cleaner and greener earth.

More power to them!

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