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Uribaba announces big lineup of 12 Bengali shows

Kolkata: Khela Hobe (Game is on) was Mamata Banerjee’s clarion call to defeat Modi-led BJP in West Bengal assembly election. Now, this slogan is setting the tone for the election in the other states too. Now, a web series titled Khela Hobey will soon start streaming on Uribaba. But there’s nothing political about it. Going back to its original meaning, Uribaba’s Khela Hobey is a comeback story of one of a fast bowler of Bengal. After hitting the rock bottom, we witness the drama and the reason of his decline and then his rise to the top at an age when most players give up on the sport.

In 2022, Uribaba, the new entertainment avenue for Bengali content, has come up with a dozen web series. So, in the next few months, get ready to be amazed and entertained. Now, a quick look at the content dairy in detail.

Birohi 2

Director: Pradipta Bhattacharyya

Last year, National Award-winning director Pradipta Bhattacharyya took the digital plunge on Uribaba with Birohi. Starring Sayan Ghosh as Krishna, Satakshi Nandy as Radha and Amit Saha as Tyapa Mondal, the web series marked Ritwick Chakraborty’s debut as a producer too. And we know, what happens when Pradipta and Ritwick meet. Remember Bakita Byaktigato? From the undergo persona of Krishna to the realistic rural narrative, Birohi reminded us of the brilliant Panchayat in a good way. And now, we are elated that Bhattacharyya is bringing the second season of Birohi. So, in Birohi 2, we will come to know that Krishna’s transfer has been cancelled. So will Radha and Krishna go back to the world of Haba and Baba again? And Satyaki Banerjee’s music is the added attraction.


Director: Arijit Bandhu Ghosh

What do three friends do when they are suspended from an engineering college right before placement? They go to Goa. Well, at least in the trailer we seen Anuradha Mukherjee, Remoo and Biswarup Biswas trying to do that. But when your stars tell a different story, plan gets changed to Mandarmani. The web series will release in March.

Kholam Kuchi

Director: Saurav Palodhi

A small-town would-be couple, who have drastically opposite characteristics, start living together to figure out if they are compatible or not. The next is a series of shock and surprises.

Bad Trip

Director: Abhishek Saha

His debut feature film, Uronchondi, was also about a road trip. And this time again, Abhishek Saha has decided to hit the road. A thriller, Bad Trip follows a young talent management executive who comes from an established family. What happens to his life when he is out in the hills to clear his mind but ends up being a part of a freak accident caused by him. He can’t run away anywhere.

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Ei Chakrabyuhe

Director: Sourav Chakraborty

In the past, we have seen Sourav mostly directing thrillers be it Shobdo Jobdo or Murder in The Hills, but this time, the actor-director returns with the story of the Bangla Rock Culture. He narrates the story of a Bangla rockstar, who had an almost memory lapse. Will his music and the cult songs bring him back to the stage for one last performance?

Sonay Sohaga

Director: Pradipta Bhattacharyya

Can love help you recover from illness? Director Pradipta Bhattacharyya and actor Ritwick Chakraborty will discover many such unanswered questions in this web series. Stay tuned.

Kumar Panu

Director: Arijit Bandhu Ghosh

Kumar is an engineering student and a porn addict. He has a stable relationship too. He soon finds that a porn network has reached out to him to reward him a three-night stay with his favourite adult star.

Duware Bouma 2

Director: Sanjay Bhattacharya

The first season is a hit and in the next, we will see Sagnik and Nikki leaving the country. Sagnik’s mom could never recover from the shock of Nikki’s arrival and eventually passes away. Angelina and Maloti becomes homeless.  If you are looking for a web series, which is funny and emotional, then Duaware Bouma has the right mixture.

Bidyasagor Go

What happens when the most iconic children’s character and his schoolmates start encountering Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar? To know, we need to wait a little longer.

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Ulat Puran

Director: Arunava Mitra

What will happen if you wake up as your younger self? Bickering elderly couple Naren and Mamatamoyee Ghosh embark on an adventure in Ulat Puran. They find their long-lost love and even their neighbours and milkman join the pandemonium.

On The Rock 2

Uribaba’s On the Rock 2 brings you the memories of your favorite adda sessions where your love for music finds its way back to the streets of Kolkata accompanied with a sip of bhaar-er chaa. The only non-fiction on Uribaba is back with a second season.

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