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Battling Cyberbullying

Decoding Cyberbullying-

Recently actress Sonakshi Sinha deleted her official Twitter account. Reason? Nasty trolls and ugly comments on her account following the debate on nepotism in Bollywood. This is the menacing power of online trolls and cyberbullies. Today cyberbully is a raging term that is taking the internet by storm. As a single activity, it has the power to destroy lives and public image. With technology advancement, instances of cyberbullies are increasing and the bullied are being victimized for the mischievous acts by the bullies. Online trolls, inappropriate comments, ugly words, and leakage of footage account for cyberbullying which is deeply disturbing for society at large. Let us hear it out from Nirali Bhatia, Nirali Bhatia, cyber psychologist, psychotherapist and behavioral analyst who is also the founder of Cyber BAAP (Cyberbullying Awareness Action & Prevention) pointed out how digital technology has increased the chances of cyberbullying. 

Nirali Bhatia, cyber psychologist, psychotherapist and behavioral analyst who is also the founder of Cyber BAAP (Cyberbullying Awareness Action & Prevention)

“Many are using the internet without proper technical know-how. Training has to be imparted because technology is using and consuming us totally. The online medium is a perceptive medium which is inviting a lot of miscommunication and problems. The biggest problem is that it allows individuals to be anonymous and encourages mischievous behavior as well,” says Bhatia.

Nirali Bhatia has a deep understanding of the human psychology and points out how these trolls and bullies need counseling so that they don’t commit these mischievous acts on several people

Fracturing the mental health –

Speaking about trollers she shares, “Most of the people who troll and abuse behind the screen do it solely for fun and sometimes for the need of attention and generally do not have mental health issues. So what becomes important is to understand the benchmark of having fun and if that has crossed legit boundaries. Trollers feel they are more powerful and exercise that power on others through words and actions.  But not all bullies bully on purpose, some are accidental bullies who did not know where to draw the line. And the victims are the sufferers, who find it difficult to get back to their normal life because it creates a deep impact on their mental health. Trolling and abuses are a part of the primitive instincts of human beings. We as a society need to counsel these people who are causing pain to others”. 

Trolls and cyberbullying can take a toll on mental health if not diagnosed at an early stage

Safe than Sorry

Regarding the solution and how to tackle the growing problem of cybercrime in India, Ummed Meel, an expert in cybercrime, cybersecurity, and digital forensics says, “The more we use technology and the internet, the more we become vulnerable. Today, our day begins with social media updates and night ends with comedy videos from WhatsApp groups. I would say not to panic about cybercrimes, rather immediately report the incidents to the police and the concerned service provider. Cyber is a facility, if used properly, life gets momentum otherwise it can ruin everything. Also, be careful not to install any software or application from unknown websites or links received through social media or email. Keep strong passwords for all your digital devices and online properties, as well as do not forget to apply two-factor authentications. Continuously update the software and install cyber safety applications on all your mobile and computer devices. Do not share your banking and other personal information like mobile number and email id with unknown websites. Think many times before uploading or sharing anything in the cyber world, there is the provision of equal legal action against both the people who commit and promote criminal activity. Remember the internet is a one-way traffic system, where uploaded data can never be completely removed”.

Ummed Meel, an expert in cybercrime, cybersecurity and digital forensics

In this world of digitization we should remember one click has a lot of power, so we should not only be aware but also ensure that awareness spreads to one and all, so that people remain cautious of everything happening around them and can safeguard themselves from mischiefs and trolls.

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