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Is WhatsApp trying to further restrict message forwards?

Given the critical role that misinformation and fake news play in today’s world, and their immense damage-causing potential, particularly the role played by WhatsApp forwards, several prominent messaging and social media platforms have put various restrictions in place to limit the spread of fake messages. .

In 2019, the Meta (Facebook)-owned messaging platform WhatsApp had prohibited users from sharing frequently forwarded messages to more than five chats at one go. A year later, it further lowered this limit to just one conversation. Now, the messaging service is apparently seeking to restrict the forwarding of messages to just one group chat.

Currently, WhatsApp has this restriction in place for viral or frequently forwarded messages. Once a message is shared more than four times, it is marked as frequently forwarded – denoted by a double arrow and a ‘forwarded’ label on top of the message. However, going by changes in the beta programme, it looks as though the restriction will soon come into effect for regular WhatsApp forwards as well.

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As reported by WABetaInfo in v2.22.7.2 of WhatsApp beta for Android, users are shown a warning – “Forwarded messages can only be sent to one group chat” – whenever they try to forward a regular message to more than one group conversation.

It is unclear why WhatsApp is making this change, but it is possible that it wishes to further limit the spread of misinformation and fake news. The limitation will make it inconvenient for users to forward a chat to more than one group at once – they will need to share the message individually in each group. This may deter several users, and may also reduce the amount of unwanted memes and messages.

The WABetaInfo report states, “When a message is marked as forwarded, it’s no longer possible to forward it to more than one group chat at a time. If you need to forward this message to more than one group chat, you need to select the message and forward it again.”


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