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When Mamata Banerjee made momos in Darjeeling

Kolkata: We have seen her making tea and preparing bhog at festive occasions at her house in Kolkata, but this time, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee showcased her culinary skills in making momos in Darjeeling.

On Thursday, Mamata who ever since her arrival in the hill town has been going for walks, was seen making momos with members of a self-help group called ‘Anju.

Initially, the Bengal chief minister observed the women making the momos before lending her hand at it.

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Mamata can be seen rolling the dough and then wrapping the momos with fillings. Trinamool Congress (TMC) has shared videos and pictures of its supremo making momo. The video of Mamata making momos with locals has gone viral.  

During her Darjeeling visit, Mamata was also seen holding a baby in her lap and kissing him on the forehead. She also interacted with the parents and asked them to keep him safe from cold as cesarean babies are delicate. Mamata also distributed chocolates among the kids during her routine morning walks and interacted with the locals.

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