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With Bharosa App Krishnanagar embraces new safety shield

Everyone knows the importance of safety and law and order. Today, in the digital world and tech innovations have come a long way in making lives safe. In many cities of India, apps are now being created to ensure women safety and also to prevent other social ills.

Bharosa app, a citizen friendly app for the people of Krishnanagar

But managing the general public, who seems to have news issues springing up every day, still remains a challenge for the administrations across the country. Addressing the grievances of its residents, Krishnanagar Police have come up with some thoughtful reforms to reinforce the faith of people.

SP Krishnanagar PD Shri Zafar Ajmal Kidwai IPS explaining how the Bharosa app works

SP Krishnanagar PD Shri Zafar Ajmal Kidwai IPS who joined the Krishnanagar police in 2019 is a highly enterprising man who has been highly instrumental in development of Krishnanagar. In spite of his proven capabilities Zafar Ajmal Kidwai has remained deeply humble. This is evident when he says, “Everybody who is posted as a police officer, takes initiatives to bring about development in his area and I too did my part. To start with, I introduced a new lane in the National Highway to minimize the traffic flow, since traffic jams were an issue here. I am happy to see that the situation is much better now.”

Another initiative by him during the lockdown was to go to the local thanas and distribute essential items for the poor and homeless who were helpless during COVID19. He also started the Thana Diwas in December, a day when the police record public grievances, in association with the Civil Administration. In spite of being highly successful, the initiative was discontinued due to certain unknown issues.

SP Krishnanagar PD Shri Zafar Ajmal Kidwai IPS in one of his meetings addressing the media

People living in the remote areas of Krishnanagar have a lot of grievances and problems but are unable to travel to the police-thanas to share the troubles they face. Keeping them in mind,  Zafar Ajmal Kidwai and his team started an initiative called, “Police Apna Gram Mein” whereby they reached the homes of these hapless people to address the problems and provide necessary solutions.

A resident scanning the QR code of the app

In recent times, Bharosa App was launched in the city by Krishnanagar police team to assess the matter of safety and take required measures for citizen wellbeing. “The app comes with a panic button. Whenever people need help, or are in any kind of emergency, they can press the panic button. Immediately a signal will be sent to the nearest police stations, area police station, central control room and to the nearest duty officer. It is devised keeping in mind the simple formula of – “Quick response to any emergency situation”. Also one can have the numbers of nearest police officers, hospitals, fire brigade and other such helpline numbers. Real time availability of blood banks can also be seen through the app,” shared Zafar Ajmal Kidwai

This app is not just going to give protection to the women through the panic button but has several other citizen friendly assessments

“In addition to this, we have the “Incident Photo+Incident video” app where citizens can immediately upload inappropriate/suspicious photos or videos, if any comes to their sight. The content then goes to the control room through the app, and is sent to the concerned police station who takes action immediately,” he enthused.

SP Krishnanagar PD Shri Zafar Ajmal Kidwai IPS along with his team.

The primary idea behind the apps was to ensure women safety but Zafar Ajmal Kidwai wanted to cover a larger area with a wider horizon of citizen security. “Our main focus was to make a citizen friendly app which will cater to the larger group of the society and should be for the greater good of all. The app has become highly successful and has more than 3500 users currently with new users being added every day. We are extremely glad that we could come up with something like this,” concludes the amiable police officer.

More power to you!

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