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With kindness and courage SP Sarah Sharma is making a difference

Data and reports say that crime against women has increased exponentially after digitisation and it often leaves the cops vexed to nab culprits who hide behind the World Wide Web. However, with sheer grit and dedication, SP Sarah Sharma, from Gajapati District of Odissa, has been instrumental in curbing crime against women to a considerable extent.

With changing time the internet has become a sprouting place for criminals waiting to scourge their victims and oftentimes young girls or women fall prey.  Whether being cheated with money through online matchmaking sites or being threatened to the verge of depression with intimate pictures, the cases of cyber crime continues in alarming numbers.

SP Sarah Sharma, from Gajapati District of Odissa

What is even more challenging is the fact that victims have to deal with societal pressure and judgements which deter them from filing complaints or fighting the case. As a woman in power, SP Sharma adeptly handles such sensitive cases while keeping the victims safe in body and mind by providing mental support and boosting their morale for the imminent fight for justice. “We always ensure that the culprits are punished justly,” notifies SP Sharma.

Good policing demands resilience and one has to work diligently to provide for the ones in need. While crimes against women are increasing in reality, we lack a good number of women working in Khaki. SP Sharma constantly motivates aspiring women officers to work hard and believe in themselves so they can master better acumen and make a difference in the crime space. Policing is a tough job and often there is a strenuous streak in the relationship between a cop and the public. However, the black swan event of Coronavirus pandemic and prior to that the devastating cyclone Amphan in Bengal, have helped build a relation of rectitude between police and public. While recuperating from the cyclone with the help of state administration, people of the state have witnessed that more than officers of law they are humans and that has created an element of trust. Whether it was implementing lockdown countrywide or providing essentials to the aged, the police of this state and country have established new standards of efficiency and leadership.

SP Sarah Sharma

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus besides annunciation of lockdown was appalling to everyone, but with medical help and aid from the administration, we are coming out strong in this fight. Even after the lockdown was lifted and the country started opening up, cops continued to keep a close watch over the borders and NAKA points to ensure safety with utmost care. On the other hand they continued to educate people on the importance of sanitizers, masks and social-distancing. With the possibility of a phishing attack over the internet, awareness building has been the main focus of SP Sharma and her team. Together they managed to compile real stories of online baits and produced a stage-play that created a positive impact in the cyber crime field.

However, while enjoying work in order to perform best SP Sarah Sharma continues to nurture her area of personal interest. An astounding officer in her own right, she has adopted Sindibur Village with nineteen families, located in remote Odissa. Sharma is working unremittingly for bringing the inhabitants a better life. It is pertinent to note here that The Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act has imparted security to the rural populace which has sustained them even during the Corona times.  Interestingly, development has never taken a backseat in this part of Odissa and SP Sarah Sharma, an epitome of strength keeps inspiring young girls to break the shackles of fear and stand tall. Her mellifluous voice is an additional endowment which helps her establish close connect with fellow women and in turn inspire them towards empowerment, dignity and quality life.

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