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Won’t be able to sleep if I repeat myself, says Dev

Kolkata: Relationships are fun, exciting and at times, can be awkward too. Suppose you are in love with your best friend and you might confused whether to call him ‘tui’ or ‘tumi’ (both used in Bengali to address someone close). Something similar happens in the lives of Tintin (Dev) and Rohini (Rukmini Maitra) in Kishmish and debutant music composer Nilayan Chatterjee’s first song from the film, Tui Bolbo Na Tumi, allows the audiences to be absorbed into the world of these characters.

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With Bengali film Kishmish, a bunch of new talents are all set to enter the Bengali film industry. A radio jockey, this is Nilayan’s debut project as a music director and he has managed to grab eyeballs with the first song, which captures the essence of college romance, confusion and attraction. Subhadeep Pan sung the track along with versatile Nikhita Gandhi. Having worked with bands like Fossils as a sound engineer, Subhadeep considers himself lucky to have done playback for Bengali superstar Dev in Tui Bolbo Na Tumi. Kishmish also marks editor Amit Ray’s debut and not to mention director Rahool Mukherjee.    

The cast and crew at music launch of Kishmish

For actor-producer Dev, working with fresh talents gives him a high. “The industry will never progress if new talents don’t come in. These young people have lots of ideas, and I am always game for new ideas,” says the Bengali superstar.

In fact, in Kishmish Dev will be seen in four different looks. Playing a college-goer at the age of 39 might seem a ‘challenge’ for him, but in curly hair, graphic printed t-shirts and John Lennon inspired glasses, Dev definitely looks the part.

“I won’t be able to sleep properly if I keep doing the same kind of films. So, if we don’t take the risk, who will. At this stage of my career, I can’t keep running behind formula films,” says Dev, whose last release Tonic was a blockbuster.  

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A love story, Kishmish taps the young generation and also highlights how they handle rejection. “Whenever we see a love story, we mostly end up watching class struggle. Kishmish talks about Gen Z and how they perceive love,” he says.  

For Rukmini, shooting Tui Bolbo Na Tumi was a special experience. It was on the last day of the shoot and she had a blast. “When I first heard the song, I knew it would resonate with the audience. The song justifies the relationship of Tintin and Rohini. We had shot for Kishmish for nearly 30-35 days in Kolkata and Darjeeling. Tui Bolbo Na Tumi was shot on the last day of shooting in Darjeeling. It was foggy but the energy on the set was high,” says the actress, who had earlier done five films with Dev.

Meanwhile, director Rahool is on cloud nine that the audience have appreciated the dialogues and shot taking. Unlike most Bengali movie trailers, which are often accused of giving the entire story away these days, the trailer of Kishmish looks refreshing. The trailer starts off with a comic book feel, just like Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji-starrer Hum Tum. Tintin falls for carefree and beautiful Rohini. However, trouble brews in the lover’s paradise. Then we see Dev and Rukmini donning looks from different era.

 Ever since the trailer released, it has garnered 608K views on YouTube. “The trailer was trending for 36 hours,” says an excited Rahool. Kishmish releases on April 29.

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