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Writer’s Rescue Center – A first-of-its kind run by an Indian


Writing is not at all an easy task! Writers across the globe keep fighting battles convincing publishers, looking for magic formulas to woo readers or adjusting with the ever-changing digital media. Writer’s block is more an irony than a reality. There are even opinions that writing, as a career, in any third world country is a risky choice.


However, 25-year-old Nikhil Chandwani begs to differ. He has come up with Writer’s Rescue Center, a one of its kind, and perhaps, the first in the world, which is infusing optimism among writers all around.



Nikhil Chandwani is a writer, professor, entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and an young achiever in true sense of the term. He runs the world’s first and only Writer’s Rescue Center in India, where he transforms the failures of any writer into success. Chandwani motivates and channelizes writers across the globe who develop suicidal thoughts, slip into depression, are specially abled or stuck up in a confusion.



These writers are being moulded into National Award Winners with 150+ success stories between the age of 16-72 by the help of this writer rescue center. He provides them a platform and helps jot down their journeys. At present, Nikhil is running  rescue centers in Nagpur, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Singapore. He has already been nominated for Padamshree 2018 for his work toward rescuing more than writers from all over the world. Recently, on 24th January, Chandwani received the Rashtriya Gaurav Purushkar at the Press Club in Delhi.



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