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YES MADAM – India’s highest rated & most affordable on-demand Beauty App


Over the years, the world of cosmetics has witnessed widespread changes. People are now well aware and conscious about the beauty care products which they use. The cosmetic and beauty care brands are now coordinating with a research-based approach in the best interests of the society. The impact of digitization in this domain is also something not to be ignored. In fact, there are some popular mobile and web-based platforms customized exclusively for beauty care. Various digital platforms who have customized in the segment, have already flourished.


Yes Madam is a mobile & web-based beauty and wellness platform


Founded in 2016, Yes Madam ( is one such mobile & web-based beauty and wellness platform which provides salon at home services through its unique per minute price model.

Services provided

The leading on-demand home beauty service of  Yes Madam offers a huge range of services, from facial treatments to waxing, makeovers to manicure or pedicure, Yes Madam has a multifarious of services in their kitty including beauty, massage services, slimming packages, pre-bridal packages, and more. What grabs the eyeball is its transparent pricing strategy. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Yes Madam has all the potential to lead the beauty industry on the lines of Uber or Ola and the next big thing in the home service industry.


The YES MADAM team


Pricing & brands used

The pricing of products is split into two categories, service cost, and product cost; if the customer intends to use their own products, they only pay for the services but if the customer uses our products, material cost is added. Dreamy! Beauty services can be availed at an affordable price of Rs 6/min (normal beautician) and Rs 8/min (premium beauticians). Unlike Salons, In order to avoid refilling or tampering and maintain transparency, the company only uses sealed mono sachets (One- time use). And in case the product is left over, it is handed over to the customer. This also helps in calculating the price of the product. For instance, the cost of a premium facial costs Rs. 1100 at Yes Madam, whereas the cost of the same facial amplifies to Rs. 3000 in a salon.


Hair treatment by YES MADAM – Salon at Home


Trained Therapists

Currently, Yes Madam has 250 + trained beauticians with checked background and police verifications for safety purpose. In order to maximize the value and provide premium services to the customers, the company provides training to its beauty therapists and there is no surprise that Yes Madam is the highest rated beauty app on Google Play store.


Lifetime Referral Programme

Yes Madam also has very attractive lifetime referral plan which enables a customer can earn Rs 10,000 by referring once. Under the referral plan, a referrer receives Rs 150 on referring her friend, relatives, and colleagues, the referred person received Rs 100 which she can redeem on her first booking. The best part is that referral keeps getting Rs 50 whenever your referral books lifetime. The whole process is simple – refer once and earn lifetime facility.


The effective service provided by YES MADAM has already become popular


Truly Yes Madam has paved the path for pampering with safe, affordable and hassle-free beauty services. For more details regarding the service provided, click on:


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