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‘Most importantly, I saw the children smile,’ says Roi Elcorat


Roi Elcorat, a former Israeli diplomat, currently based in Barcelona, has ventured out into the world of sustainable development with his company, OceanBluu, which makes beddings and sleepwear for children.OceanBluu focuses on products by being organic with non-toxic dyes abd by that contribute back to the ocean by not piloting it. Very recently, he undertook a unique journey aimed at providing undergarments for orphan kids in India. He has already started working in the slums of Kolkata along with the Hope Foundation. Team Optimist spoke to Roi Elcorat about his journey with organic and eco-friendly garments and why he is focussing on providing undergarments to underprivileged children of society.



Team Optimist: From a committed soldier to a health entrepreneur, how did you begin your journey in the world of sustainable development?

Roi Elcorat: It’s been an eventful journey right from my days in Israel. I had a stable job as a diplomat after serving my country. For some years, I was in Ukraine and Japan, too. In 2015, my wife Cynthia and I felt the need to do something different. It was a mutual decision and we decided to travel the world. For the next six months, we travelled nearly half the globe and, truly, it changed our perception of life. We made it a point to do something for Mother Nature. The journey with my wife and daughter changed the course of my life. We settled down in Barcelona and, thereafter, we brainstormed on our plan and this is how we conceived the idea of OceanBluu.


Roi & Cynthia – OceanBluu Founders


Team Optimist: Why did you choose the name, OceanBluu?

Rio Elcorat:During our travels we were inspired by the Oceans, it represents the one true connection between all the lands and is a true treasure that none of us can live without. Thus our decision to be plastic free sustainable company manufacturing organic garments using non toxic dyes -to keep our Oceans Clean and Blue.


Team Optimist: You didn’t have any experience in the garment business. Why did you choose a sector where you didn’t have much expertise?

Roi Elcorat: Frankly speaking, while travelling around the world, we weren’t tourists, but, rather, close observers. We visited around 100-odd factories in Europe. I’m very sad to say that we found 95% people in the factories didn’t know where the fabric came from. In fact, very few people were actually aware of the health aspect and the long-term impact of the ingredients that were used.



It’s true that I don’t have weaving skills or specific expertise about the garment industry, but I relied upon my managerial skills. Many of my friends told me I could have chosen a much easier path with a simpler trajectory, but that wasn’t meant for me. My wife Cynthia and me, we have founded the business together and it is her constant inspiration that keeps OceanBluu going with giant strides. Let’s not forget that we are fairtrade certified and we are paying fair wages as well. A community building approach is definitely the key here with OceanBluu.


Team Optimist: Why did you focus on undergarments for girls?

Roi Elcorat: Initially, when we began, the company targeted two specific products — bedding and pyjamas, or sleepwear for kids. We came up with the world’s softest bedding materials. But we maintained our principle — that of producing only organic stuff. When we came to Kolkata, it was a reality shock for me. It was not about poverty, but the way poor people lived in the slums and on the streets. We met many families and understood that, as far as attire is concerned, they are used to wearing second-hand clothes. But undergarments are one area where that’s not possible.

Being the father of a daughter, I’m aware of the risks and security concerns about this. My wife told me that, instead of bedding and pyjamas, we should focus on organic undergarments for the poor. And that’s how we decided upon this product.



Team Optimist: How’s your company operating in Kolkata? Have you a specific timeframe, or deadline?

Roi Elcorat: Make no mistakes, we’ve always believed in sustainable development. Coming to Kolkata was a game-changer. We don’t believe in broken systems. Instead, we prefer to focus on looking at the larger context. We came across the ongoing Chetna Project in Kolkata and also the Hope Foundation here. We started with two factories in Kolkata. The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mill is operating at a brisk pace and we’re providing knowledge and technical expertise to the whole system. We have enough trust in the team and believe that, ultimately, the local economy will benefit from the work chain. At present, there are approximately 20 million orphaned kids in India. We have set a target of 20 million undergarments for poor children.



Team Optimist: Your ‘One Gives One’ project has become very popular. What is the idea behind it?

Roi Elcorat: We believe that change is possible and it starts here. By choosing OceanBluu, customers, or users, are supporting transparency, sustainability and love for the other. ‘One Gives One’ is the result of such an approach — concern and fellow feeling for others. By buying a specific product of our brand, you’re also helping another downtrodden soul with a similar product. This enables you to directly empower the poorest of poor with the basic necessities.



Team Optimist: Every business model has its own profit-making aspect. How’re you looking at this aspect?

Roi Elcorat: Frankly speaking, this specific initiative isn’t motivated by any profit-making approach. In fact, we feel this is a small tribute from us for young kids who struggle every day against all odds. As of now, we’ve received a fantastic response and, most importantly, I saw the kids smile. That, itself, gives me hope and I believe that many young entrepreneurs will have the courage and self-belief to act in such a way — giving back to society in the truest sense of the term.




Team Optimist: As an entrepreneur, what’s been your experience so far? What’s your advice for young entrepreneurs?

Roi Elcorat: Throughout my life, I’ve believed in intent and transparency of work. If you can’t believe in something, you can’t make it happen. You can say it was a big gamble when we journeyed with OceanBluu, but we were absolutely clear about our plan. In the coming days, we are very hopeful that we’ll be able to give back something to Mother Nature for which our young daughter will be extremely proud.


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